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If you are planning an event or special occasion and looking for a location to hold it, contact us!

Contact us for pricing and availability.


We are happy to assist you with hosting, booking dates or helping you promote your event.

We have a downstairs hall and an upstairs lounge which are suitable for:

  • wedding showers / receptions

  • business meetings

  • fund-raisers

  • private dances / parties

  • community group meetings

  • weekly classes

View our facilities on yelp here!

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are provided for indoor use only and are to be set up by the user group. We do not provide chair covers or linens. Dishes, cutlery, glassware are also not provided.

Take Down

Guests must leave the facility at the time stated. The facility must also be cleaned and returned to its original state by the end time on the permit.

Cleaning and Take Down Reminders

  • Wipe off tables and chairs and return them to their original storage areas. Stack chairs as indicated.

  • All appliances must be thoroughly cleaned, and all counter tops wiped. Failure to adequately clean the facility could result in a deduction from the security deposit for cleaning services.

  • All garbage is to be placed in garbage dumpster and recycling in the bin provided. Please take any refundable items with you.

  • Please ensure that all lights, appliances and heat are turned off, and that all the doors and windows are locked when leaving the building.

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