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What is a membership? 

Our lodge is associated with Elks of Canada they charge their own set rate for membership to all lodges in Canada. When you are a member the dues and rate that you pay do NOT go back to our local lodge instead it goes to EOC which is redistributed. As a result, our lodge raises money ourselves through our facilities, fundraisers and donations. Please refer to the charity page to see how we've helped our local community. 

White Rock Elks donate to White Rock Volunteer Firefighter.

Benefits of membership 

When you sign up for a membership you gain access to all the privileges of our lodge. As a member, you also have the right to vote at our meetings where we discuss events and look for ways to help our local community. You will also get full access to our facilities and bar lounge.  


Drop in to our Lounge at 
1469 George Street

Lounge times
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