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In 1957 the Grand Lodge Organizer, Vern Taylor, came to White Rock to see Mr. W.A.E. Wall. With White Rock starting to grow there was a very good chance of having an Elks Lodge in our own community

Mr Wall had organized the first Elks Lodge in McBride, B.C., so Mr. Taylor came to see if Mr. Wall would organize the first Lodge in White Rock. Mr. Wall Senior said that he was now retired and could not undertake the large task of starting to organize a new Lodge; however, he did know someone who was capable and would welcome the challenge. Mr. W. A. E. Wall sent the Grand Organizer Vern Taylor to see his son Art E. Wall. Art Wall, Junior had joined Elkdom in McBride Lodge in 1936 when he became 21 years old.

Art Wall, Jr. was only too happy to take on the challenge, so a small select group of businessmen got together and started a drive for members to form the first Elks Club in White Rock. To form a new Lodge there has to be at least 50 people sign a petition of membership. When this was done it was sent to Grand Lodge to be handed over to the Grand Organizer to take care of. In the latter part of 1957 the groundwork for Lodge #431 took place.

White Rock Elks Lodge #431 made its start in the early part of 1958 when the first election of officers was held on April 20th 1958.

The first meetings were held in “Connors Hall” on Marine Drive and then moved to “Buena Vista Hall” on Stevens Street. Later it moved to “Chuck Arnolds Building” on Stayte Road and then many more halls until 1964 when the first Elks Hall was opened in White Rock.


MARCH 31st 1958

A meeting of Candidates and Prospective Candidates for membership in an Elks Lodge, to be established in White Rock, Sunday, April 20th was held in the White Rock Masonic Hall, March 31st, at 8 pm.

Purpose of the meeting was to sign new candidates for membership, choice of a suitable meeting night for regular Lodge meetings, suitable hall accommodation, banquet and hall accommodation for the institution meeting April 20th, and election of officers for the proposed Lodge.

After some discussion on hall availability, and a meeting night most suitable to the membership, bearing in mind that the sponsoring Lodge Cloverdale, met on the 1st and 3rd Mondays, the meeting approved the 2nd and 4th Mondays as most suitable, on a standing vote of 19 in favour and 9 opposed.

The Rotary youth centre, being the only available hall for the 2nd and 4th Mondays, it was generally agreed that the meeting be held there.

Election of Officers. It was suggested by Bro. Bill Wall that as those present were pretty much strangers to one another, it would be difficult to intelligently elect a slate of officers, and stated that as the organizer had personally interviewed most of the members, was in a better position to make recommendations to the meeting. Bro. Taylor being a little hesitant in this respect, it was moved by Bro. Brigden, seconded by Bro. Bryne, that Bro. Taylor set up a nominating committee, to work with himself in bringing forth a proposed slate of officers at the forthcoming meeting April 20th with the membership being allowed to make further nominations from the floor if they wished. Motion Carried.

The following Committee was appointed, Bro. Harry Neufeld, Bro. George Thornton, Bro. Ivan Smith. This committee to meet at the residence of Bro. Art Wall, on Wednesday, April 2nd at 7 pm

It was brought to the attention of the meeting, that the Rotary Youth Centre, as a regular meeting place, was not too suitable for those without transportation, also that this being a youth centre, it was doubtful that a liquor permit would be allowed at meetings or social functions. Moved by Bro. Bryne, seconded by Bro. Roper, that the above committee investigate further on hall accommodation for regular meetings and report to the next meeting, Motion Carried. Bro. Taylor then appointed Bro. Jack Carle, and Bro. Art Wall, to assist in hall arrangements.

Discussion on accommodation for the institution, and initiation ceremonies and banquet facilities, for the April 20th meeting. It was suggested to the meeting that the Panda Supper Club, seemed to be the most suitable for this occasion. The cost including the hall was on the basis of $1.50 for a meat pie supper, $2.00 for a cold plate, or $2.50 for a hot turkey dinner. Moved by Bro. Neufeld, that the above committee be empowered to book the Panda Supper Club, at the $1.50 or $2.00 price, whichever seemed the most suitable for the occasion, seconded by Bro. Bill Wall and Carried. 25 of those present indicated they would be present at the banquet with their wives. There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

APRIL 2nd 1958

The committee set up from the March 31st, meeting, met at the home of Bro. Art Wall, at 8 pm and their duties carried out as directed.

Present were Brothers Wall, Neufeld, Thornton, Smith and Taylor.

Brother Wall reported that further contact with the Manager of the Panda Supper Club brought forth the following information. On the $1.50 per plate basis was a meat pie deal with no commitment as to what would be served with it. The $2.00 per plate, would be a 3-course cold plate, assorted cold meats, including ham, tomato juice, pickles, olives, celery and salads, with fruit salad, and cake for dessert, tea and coffee.

The committee as a whole then contacted the Manager, and made the necessary arrangements on the $2.00 per plate basis, feeling this was in the best interests of all concerned. This price to include the use of the P.A. system and travelling mike if needed.

Returning to Brothers Walls the committee then got down to the business of selecting a slate of officers for the proposed new lodge. Considerable thought and discussion went into this matter, and a tentative slate drawn up, subject of course to acceptance by those concerned. Some were immediately available by phone, and the officers confirmed. Others to be followed up as soon as contact possible.

Four changes were found necessary from the original choice, as the parties concerned were not in a position to serve at the present time. However, a complete slate has now been chosen and will be presented to this meeting for approval otherwise at the appropriate time.

Hall accommodation for regular meetings, after considerable thought to the matter, the committee felt that the Buena Vista Hall held the best possibility if arrangements could be made with another organization to change meeting nights. Bro. Jack Carle and Bro. Bill Otter was then appointed to look into this matter. We are happy to report that this arrangement has been made and the Buena Vista Hall is available on the 2nd and 4th Monday at $5.00 per meeting.


Installation Meeting April 20th 1958

First Slate of Officers  

Exalted Ruler                     Art Wall

Leading Knight                   Garth Binnings
Loyal Knight                       Walter Johnston
Lecturing Knight                Ray Wheatley
Secretary                         Bill Brigden
Treasurer                         Archie Everal 
Esquire                             Ted Hume 
Chaplain                             H. Richards
Inner Guard                      Joe Shortitan
Tyler                                  Ed Johnston
Historian                           John Bonner
 Pianist                              B Palmer
Trustee    3 years            Jack Carle
Trustee    2 years            Bill Offer   
Trustee   1 year               Bruce Hall

Elks 60th anniversary photos

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