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Want to make a difference? We have lots of fundraising programs for both members and non-members. When you support our fundraisers it allows us to give back to our community in the form of donations. We are directing our fundraising efforts in order to support local businesses first. During this time it has become clear that communities support businesses and now businesses can support communities. If you are a local business and would to join in our fundraising efforts please contact


Nature's Fare 3% Club

What if you could raise funds for your community, just by doing your grocery shopping?


We just became a member of Nature’s Fare Markets’ 3% Club. Every time you shop at Nature’s Fare they donate 3% (before tax) of the total back to us as a tax-free donation. That can add up!


Here’s how it works…


•   Shop at Nature’s Fare Markets and put your original receipts in our 3% Club box or mail them to White Rock Elks 1469 George Street, White Rock, V4B 4A2.


•   Three times a year (in April, August and December) we submit the receipts


•   Within one month Nature’s Fare sends us a tax-free donation.


In 2020 alone they’ve donated over $40,000 to organizations like ours to show their appreciation for the work we do. By working together we help to keep our community sustainable, healthy, and thriving.


Thank you so much for your support of the 3% Club. This way we are helping a local grocery store and they are helping us. 

Grocery Shopping
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